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You find yourself in a strange land . Rumored to have once been an grouping of islands, the land is now one great combination of life. There are frozen domains, darkness, and fire domains, even domains ruled by dragons and elves. Here is a realm of beauty and medieval fancy. While no modern things are allowed here it is still a place of magic and great magical flying ships. Around the island there are great round portals that allow ships to sail through on wings as they pass through domain to domain. While other local ships sail upon the beautiful seas. Most make their way from the docks to the welcoming local inn called wintercrest*inn.

Back before the islands became one. The younger gods rose up and struck out at the elders, and so began a great war . The war devastated so much of the people and the earth. While many fell or were wounded others rose to help  the elders put an end to the evil gods. In return the elders turned against them causing the great one to awaken from her long sleep. Thus came the end of many of the gods, and began the rebirth of the lands. Now one large island the new gods step forward into place ot help rule over it .

While under one king, a human a circle of other rules help control the lands in a sort of round table gathering. While all wait in fear and hold baited breath to see what the great one has in plans for the future of those remaining and the land they fought so hard to save.

The large doors of the WinterCrest*Inn greet you. Upon  stepping into the inn from the snow, you're met by a small cozy inn, surprisingly different from its larger appearance on the outside... The floor is rich and dark, also covered in waved rugs on the floor near the fire place, giving one a nice place to lay down or sit should they wish to... A large fire place takes up the far wall its mantle richly carved from the wall with what appears small snow flakes... Candles line the mantle as well as small frozen figures of animals and elves each hand carved and held together perhaps by magic...

To your right as you step in is the bar carved of some dark oak ... a few tables and chairs scattered throughout the room, even a couch sits off near the fireplace. All tables are hand-crafted in the same wood tone as the bar but there's two or three in the back along the wall with carved scenes of the lands about the inn, each carefully covered with glass to protect it... A large set french doors leading out to the balcony sit off to the side of the bar. A pair of white flowing curtains are tied about with golden sashes on either sides of the doors... The doors open and lead out into a good sized balcony. The railings appearing hand carved from ivory, and to everyone's surprise, the mass of wild white roses has a few black roses mixed in, seeming out of place... The roses grow up over the railing leading up to the balcony. The view from the balcony is that of a lovely frozen lake and a white wonder land.


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