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Name: Trevor Amarande
Known As: Bishop
Age: Human 21
Vampire: N/A
Status: Noble / Knight

A tall slender, but clearly deadly man of 21 . He has long black hair that spills to the mid of his back and cold empty eyes of ice blue that are known to change colors with his moods and his nature. Often found in the clothing fit for a high ranking noble, he also is known to wear the amour of a warrior when the time is needed. Slender but nicely built he stands at 6' and weighs perhaps around 200lbs.


Born the youngest son to a family of six, his life was marked for the church. Given to them at the age of ten he was raised until the age of 19 when he was forced into taking the first vows of priestly hood. It was that night afterwards that he was sitting in the church's gardens and a beautiful woman came out of no where. Feeling his sorrows and pains she fed on them tempting him easily into temptation. Using his need for freedom to lead him to destruction. Giving in easily Trevor fell easily into her embrace awaking in a tomb a few nights later he was forced to claw his way out of his grave to find her smiling coldly down at him. He'd been buried alive, or so he thought. "Welcome to the world of the un dead my darling"those words still echo in his mind as he rose and listened to her tell. She was a VAMPIRE! and now so was he! Found laying sprawled on the steps of the church by the priests they had assumed he had killed himself and dumped him in a unmarked grave on the side of a near by road.

Angry and hungry he found himself loosing control to her glee they both slaughtered the priests as they slept in their sleeping quarters and then burned them and the church to the ground. He woke after sleeping the next day to find she had left him with but a note on how to survive. Alone he reached out for someone to be in his life, finding a beautiful  woman to  be apart of his life he had a blissful year before she found his secret and ran from him in horror. Bringing down the hunters on his head he was forced to escape and found himself upon the dark queen where he was taken in and embraced by her. Given his true status as a noble of power, and wealth, he was also placed in her army as her dark priest ever at her side guarding her and guiding her as she needed her and more.. as the sorrow of his life began to eat away at his heart. When news came of his family's death he knew it was his sire giving him one final gift,  and in that final gift she completed the turning of his heart to black ice.