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Name: Erica Blackwing
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: Bow, Cross Bow, Throwing Knives, and Body.

A slender 5'5 130 lbs woman, with black hair and blue eyes one some what milky seeming damaged. She is often found in  darker clothes and a tattered black cloak unless working at the inn of course.

 Born and abandoned at the age of only a few days old she was taken in by parents who quickly raised her to be their slave. Treating her coldly without an ounce of love, and abusing her for the smallest things. She often found herself sleeping in the barn if under cover at all. Fed whatever may be left over from the meals if anything. She would often go hungry and without. What clothes she could scavenge was taken from rags she sewed together. By ten she ended up on the streets fighting for her rights to survive. Her skill of stealing got her noticed by a woman who took her in and though she has to put up with the fire of stubbornness and defiance that burns inside of her she has been given a good home and a good job. While on the streets she learned much in the way of hunting, stalking, killing, and stealing among other talents. She bares few scars but for her ruined eye, at least to easily notice. As for her eye, I wouldn't count it or her out easily.  While living with Tessa she became somewhat of an adopted sister/daughter for the older woman who had been alone most of her life. Desperate to earn her respect Erica is ready to get into whatever trouble she possibly can but of course not without a plan to get out of it with the reward in hand.